Introduction to Process Control - Second Edition

The purpose of this publication is to engage students and professionals into Process Controls basics. It provides a bridge between the traditional view of process control and the current, expanded role by integrating conventional topics with a broader perspective of more integrated process operation, control, and information systems. Updating and expanding the content of its predecessor, this second edition addresses issues in today’s teaching of process control.

Teaching & Learning Principles
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About the Authors
  • Prof. José A. Romagnoli


    The Cain Chair in Process Systems Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering and is the director of the Laboratory for Process Systems Engineering at Louisiana State University. He earned a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Romagnoli has authored more than 300 international publications and was awarded the Centenary Medal of Australia for his contributions to chemical engineering. His research covers all aspects of process systems engineering, including modeling of complex systems, advanced model-based control, intelligent process monitoring and supervision, and plant-wide optimization.

  • Prof. Ahmet Palazoglu


    Professor of chemical engineering and materials science at the University of California, Davis. He earned a PhD in chemical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Palazoglu has authored more than 150 publications and has taught short courses to academic and industrial audiences on process monitoring applications. His research interests include process control, nonlinear dynamics, process monitoring, and statistical modeling.

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