Multi-scale Modelling of Complex Systems

    Multi-scale modelling addresses the construction of mathematical models of diverse physical and chemical phenomena occurring at different space and time scales. While traditional process modelling has experienced progress, novel multi-scale modelling methodologies and applications can resolve obstacles in the scope and applicability of model-based technology.


    The PSE group actively searches multi-scale modelling of complex and distributed parameter systems within pilot-plant and industrial manufacturing facilities, in an attempt to contribute towards a widespread of areas that range from nanotechnology and product design to process operability and plant scheduling.

Supply Chain Management

    In PSE at LSU, our group has tested various environments for supply chain management, including renewable energy systems and shale gas development. To achieve optimal characteristics of the scheduling and movement of resources in an enterprise, an adequate supply chain network is of relevant importance.


    To improve these networks, a realistic scheduling of discrete optimization models is needed. Solution strategies that include MILP, MINLP, Disjunctive Programming, Hybrid MILP/Constraint Programming are able to exploit the structure of short term and cyclic scheduling problems of continuous processes and multi-product processes.

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