Introduction to Process Control

Third Edition

    The purpose of this publication is to engage students and professionals into Process Controls basics. It provides a bridge between the traditional view of process control and the current, expanded role by integrating conventional topics with a broader perspective of more integrated process operation, control, and information systems. Updating and expanding the content of its predecessor, this second edition addresses issues in today’s teaching of process control.


A DCS environment emulator and virtual plant

    SimWiz is an interactive platform containing a suite of virtual plants ranging from single units and plant sections to full processing plants. Developed in Python and powered by an industry standard process simulator, SimWiz emulates a DCS environment to operate and visualize chemical plants in different scenarios, as well as easily collect and analyze data. The user interface is fully menu-based so that users are not required to have any knowledge of a specific programming language. Because of its modularity, SimWiz can be used across the entire Chemical Engineering curricula.

Knowledge discovery and fault detection- FastMAN

    FastMAN is a programing tool that by using data mining techniques (dimensional reduction and clustering) finds knowledge from raw process data. It combines dimensional reduction, clustering and visualization techniques. In addition, it defines normal operating regions for supervised fault detection method.

Data processing and reconciliation for chemical process operations

    Computer techniques have made online measurements available at every sampling period in a chemical process. However, measurement errors are introduced that require suitable techniques for data reconciliation and improvements in accuracy. Reconciliation of process data and reliable monitoring are essential to decisions about possible system modifications (optimization and control procedures), analysis of equipment performance, design of the monitoring system itself, and general management planning.

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